The current pandemic has turned the spotlight towards EFA’s basic tenets, such as local and regional management, food sovereignty, social justice and biodiversity.

Decision-making has also been accelerated. Who would have imagined that EU Member States would share debt to avoid leaving anyone behind? Imperfect as they may be, we see that Europe is mapping out new ways of solidarity.

Regarding the ‘Next Gen EU’ funds, the crux of the matter lies in their distribution and management.

If, as the EU Commission President says, the criterion is efficiency, it should be natural for regions to take part in the decision-making process. Especially as to guarantee fair allocation keys that reach those who need it most and avoid duplications, squanderings, misuses and abuses.

This said, we cannot wait for the doors to be automatically opened to us. We are mature-enough communities to organise ourselves and demonstrate that bottom-up participatory management is crucial to success.

Do not give up. Keep working for progress and solidarity in the Valencian Country.

Kind regards from the EFA,

Lorena López de Lacalle, President of the EFA.

Aliança Lliure Europea

L'Aliança Lliure Europea (ALE) és l'únic partit polític europeu que defensa fermament el dret a l'autodeterminació i l'Europa dels Pobles. Composada per 47 partits polítics, l'ALE és la deferació de partits que representa les diferents nacions sense estat, pobles i minories a tota Europa. Amb el Bloc, que actualment ocupa una de les vicepresidències a l'executiva de l'ALE, treballem conjuntament per defensar els interessos del País Valencià i per la vostra veu a Europa.